For personalised polymer clay toppers and sculptures

For personalised polymer clay toppers and sculptures

For personalised polymer clay toppers and sculpturesFor personalised polymer clay toppers and sculpturesFor personalised polymer clay toppers and sculptures

Winner of the 2019 Matrimonial Awards

I was nominated in 2018 as a finalist for the Dan Marshall Creativity Award for the Matrimony Magazine. On the 30th of March 2019, to my absolute delight, Cotswold Characters was selected by a panel of judges from across the world as the winner of this award! I was up against 3 other creative businesses in the wedding industry from Shropshire, Worcestershire & Herefordshire. An award that affirms true quality, uniqueness & creativity in my wedding toppers and sculptures for capturing someone's special day.

About Us

Unique one of a kind gifts


If you love fantasy creatures, fairies, unicorns, dragons and much more then my unique creations will spark your interest. I can hand sculpt any fantasy creature you have in mind. So if there is something you would like creating to add to your collection then please contact me today.

Immortalise your fur babies


Our furry friends are a big part of our lives and they quickly become a part of the family. When they leave us it leaves a big hole that can't be replaced. I work from photographs of your beloved pet so whether they are still with us or have sadly left, I can capture them perfectly in clay for you. A sentimentle forever keepsake.

Capture a special occassion


Have a special occasion coming up and are struggling what gift you could get to capture the occasion forever and is 100% unique and personalised? Then contact me today to discuss what or who you would like sculpting. Special personalised gifts for yourself or a loved one.

About Me

My Background


When I was growing up I spent hours in my bedroom drawing, painting and doing pretty much anything creative and artistic. I excelled in Art during my school years and I never really stopped creating things even into adulthood. When I met my husband Luke I decided to create my own unique wedding topper for our cake. I decided upon polymer clay as my medium & things spiralled from there! I am a self taught polymer clay artist.

My Medium


My main material of choice is polymer clay. I use high quality clay to ensure my sculptures are long lasting and robust. I also use various other materials to finish off my sculptures such as acrylic paints & pastels. I also use high quality crystals that sparkle beautifully.

My Inspiration


I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Cotswold Countryside and I love going on long walks to appreciate the beautiful views and observe the nature around me. This inspires me when creating my beautiful fantasy creatures such as my Fairy Trolls and other creatures. 

I also take inspiration from amazing sculptors that work for the Stan Winston Company.